Ricardo “Rico” Rivera

Founder and Co-Owner of Buffalo Treehouse, Ricardo (“Rico”) Rivera was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Following in the footsteps of a long line of carpenters and artists, he left the landscaping business he established in 2004 (RGR Bros.) and founded Buffalo Treehouse in 2008. In 2015, Rico and wife Jyl opened the Blueberry Treehouse Farm in West Falls, NY. He has twenty years of experience in the building trades, and specializes in interior and exterior design, rigging, custom woodworking, chainsaw sculpting and climbing.

Brandy Alan Barrington

Hailing from Port Charlotte, FL, Brandy completed a two year building trades program in Greenville, TN. He has fifteen years experince in building trades, including seven years in landscape construction and masonry. Starting at RGR Bros. in 2006, Brandy went on to assist Rico in forming Buffalo Treehouse in 2008. His specialties include custom woodworking, rigging and intermediate climbing.

Marcus Allen Montgomery

Born in Niagara Falls, NY Marcus joined Buffalo Treehouse in 2014 as an apprentice, after completing a two year trade program at Amherst High School. With four years of experience in the building trades, Marcus’ specialties include custom woodworking, intermediate climber and beginner chainsaw sculptor. As far as we know, Marcus is the world’s only professional treehouse builder allergic to trees.

Jyl Rivera

Born and raised on a farm in Kendall, NY, Jyl and husband Rico founded Buffalo Treehouse in 2008. After seven years working together, the couple founded the Blueberry Treehouse Farm in West Falls, NY. Jyl is no stranger to hard work–in addition to being a full-time mother of two awesome children, Jyl handles day-to-day operations, and manages the office and the blueberry farm.

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