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Your work looks amazing, but I’m not sure I can afford your services

Buffalo Treehouse specializes is producing work that is beautiful, functional, and highly customized. While our design acumen and craftsmanship is anything but run-of-the-mill, we have the ability to produce output that can meet almost any budget.


I’d love a treehouse but what if I don’t have trees on my property, or my trees are too small?

We have built numerous structures around and beside trees that were not suitable candidates for a TAB (tree attachment bolt) that still encompass the treehouse spirit. Don't have trees? No worries, creativity has never been an issue for us, we will find the perfect solution to create your dream space.


Do I need a permit to build a treehouse or other structure?

This section is for informational purposes only.

We strongly encourage you to research zoning and permit regulations pertaining to treehouses in your local municipality prior to building your treehouse. If a building permit is required for your treehouse, it will be best to obtain one. Based on prior experience, factors such as size, location, and intended use will likely have an impact on whether or not a permit is required.

In most cases, obtaining a permit for a treehouse is similar to obtaining a building permit for a ground house. It is typical to collaborate with an architect and engineer to produce construction documents. Regulations differ widely per jurisdiction: in some cases, building permits are not required; others may require a fully documented submittal. Due to the breadth and variety of regulations, we are unable to list the rules and restrictions for all municipalities. We suggest you contact your local building department to understand the regulations in your area.

For non-treehouse structures and interior design work, Buffalo Treehouse will provide permitting assistance on a case-by-case basis.


What happens to my treehouse as the trees around it grow?

We take careful consideration when designing our treehouses . Each project starts with a full tree evaluation to determine species, health and projected growth over a minimum 50 year span. This allows to design with growth in mind.


How much does a treehouse cost?

Our costs vary widely depending on the range of our services required, as well as the location and scope of your treehouse. At a very high level, the price of fully designing and building a custom treehouse is approximately $300/sq foot, although much will depend on the design and level of complexity. Other works of art (i.e. pergolas, gazebos, free standing play structures, etc.) will be priced out on a case-by-case basis.


Can your design services be contracted independently?

Yes, our design services can be contracted independently of our construction and general contracting services. Our independent design services range from creating only a conceptual design, to producing a full set of stamped architectural drawings in partnership with engineers. With some independent design projects, we also assist with the installation of hardware onsite before leaving the remainder of the build in the hands of your construction team to complete.


What does your consultation process look like?

First, we schedule an initial meeting to discuss your wish list and view the space. Then we have a TRAQ certified arborist do a full tree evaluation to assess any risk with your proposed candidates and any neighboring trees that could pose a hazard towards your investment. From there we provide you with architectural and or 3d model drawings of your new build.


How do I contact you?

The best way to contact us is by visiting our “Hire Us” page where you can schedule a consultation.
You can also reach us by calling us at 716-833-TREE (8733) or email us at


How much maintenance is required for treehouses and other structures created by Buffalo Treehouse?

This depends on many factors such as exposure to sun, wind, rain and snow. The best maintenance plan is a pre-emptive one. Wood structures should be painted or sealed the year before it actually needs it. Most treehouses located in wooded areas do well due to the fact that they are protected by the canopies of the trees from UV rays which can be the most damaging of the elements .


Can I install plumbing and electricity in my treehouse?

Absolutely. Electricity is essential for creating a space that can be utilized at any time of day. Although Water can be difficult to install due to freezing temperatures in certain regions of the world we can provide you with creative solutions to overcome these challenges. Note: adding utilities to your treehouse may change the taxable status of your build and require proper inspections to comply with local code enforcement.